An ecosystems approach in environmental decision making - RGS Annual Meeting 2013


On 29th August 2013, a session entitled “Does an Ecosystem Approach offer anything new for environmental decision-making?” took place at the Royal Geographical Society’s Annual Meeting. The session, which was organised by Kirsty Blackstock and Kerry Waylen from the James Hutton Institute, was designed to address the following specific issues: 

  • The extent to which an ecosystems approach is learning from existing lessons on participatory decision making
  • Whether an ecosystems approach deliver something different to existing approaches in the future
  • The geographical and social distribution of who might 'win' or 'lose' from decisions using an ecosystem approach

Following a series of presentations (listed below), small groups discussed the extent to which an ecosystems approach offers anything new for decision-making related to the natural environment. Observations and comments made during this session have been distilled into a short report.