Ecosystem Services from urban trees

Forest Research have been undertaking research to explore the ecosystem services provided by the urban forest.

Their findings can now be accessed for the ecosystem services of small and medium stature trees and large stature trees. This research was informed by the i-Tree Eco model.

Collectively, these Research Reports will be useful to those engaged in urban forestry management by helping to identify which tree species may be favoured for the delivery of particular ecosystem services through selective planting.

Accompanying this is an analysis of how urban tree management can effect the ecosystem service flows from these key natural assets. 

Ecosystem services delivery by small and medium stature urban trees

Ecosystem services delivery by large stature urban trees

Understanding the role of urban tree management on ecosystem services

The findings illustrate that management practices influence ecosystem services delivery by urban forests through selection of the trees planted, how trees are maintained, and when and for what reasons trees are removed. Healthy large trees are shown to provide the greatest quantities of ecosystem services per tree, emphasising the importance of urban forest management that values and protects these trees. However, constraints and challenges can inhibit the proactive management of urban trees.