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  • Ecosystems Knowledge Network launches strategy for 2018 - 2023

  • Tool being developed which measures effect of land use change on ecosystem services

  • HM Government opens consultation on biodiversity and environment net gain

  • €2 million invested into campaign to mainstream valuation of nature by business

  • ONS green cities tool: results from Welsh pilot studies

  • Expanding the urban canopy cover map of Britain


  • Business attitudes towards funding ecosystem services provided by urban forests

  • Natural Capital Investment Forum: Building the foundations of a restoration economy - raising investment for habitat banks

  • Natural Capital Investment Conference: Early bird savings end 7th December

  • Creating Value from Woodland Conference

  • Coastal Futures conference 2019 

  • UKCP18 Projections in Scotland


  • New website case study 

  • New entry on the Natural Capital Assessment Gateway

  • Report: Mainstreaming international biodiversity goals for the private sector

  • Natural Capital Coalition Reports and This is Natural Capital 2018

  • SNH release long-term trend data on Scotland’s breeding birds

  • Latest UK climate projections released

  • Scotland: Our Natural Wealth


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Ecosystems Knowledge Network e-news December 2018