natural capital

Natural capital "How to do it" workbook

The Natural Capital Committee for England has published a draft (version 1) workbook for natural capital assessment, along with a paper that sets out principles for selecting approaches to valuation of changes in the state of natural capital.

"This practical guide is aimed at anyone who wants to use natural capital approaches in making decisions about the natural environment. It is intended to support decision makers, including planners, communities and landowners, but has particular relevance for place based decisions."

Webinar: Tools for the Job

Webinar: Tools for the Job

Thursday 25th February 2016, 1-2pm

This month’s free webinar will focus on tools to capture environmental information such as ecosystem services and natural capital.  There will be presentations on two tools currently being used, and a consultation on a new method for helping people select tools to use, the 'Tool Assessor'.

Conservation and Natural Capital event

Conservation in the 21st Century: The why, what, how of natural capital

Wednesday 25th November 2015, Edinburgh

This event aims to help UK conservation NGOs understand how the Natural Capital agenda can help tackle the challenges of conservation in the 21st century.  The event will provide an overview of this rapidly growing and evolving area, and will explore the potential opportunities arising due to the interest from government, local authorities and business.  

Natural Capital Committee report: opportunities to invest in nature

The concept of natural capital is increasingly popular term for talking about the ways in which features in the natural environment work together to deliver the things that nature does for people.  The Natural Capital Committee is an independent advisory body set up to advise HM Government on the sustainable use of natural capital in England.