Project examples in Wales

Menai strait, Anglesey ©

The ecosystem approach is an increasingly important dimension to environment-related policy in Wales. It was used as the basis for the principles for the sustainable management of natural resources in the Environment Act (Wales) 2016. The Wales Biodiversity Partnership website contains a page that sets the context for the ecosystem approach in Wales.

The Welsh Government has identified a set of case studies in natural resource management in localities around Wales. Each of these projects reflects one or more principles of an ecosystems approach.  They encompass the application of the approach in particular sectors (such as fisheries, farming and woodland management). They also illustrate the diverse types of partnership required to deliver actions 'on the ground'. 

The following additional examples demonstrate what the ecosystem approach means in practice for specific areas of land and marine habitat in Wales. See also the index of projects elsewhere in the UK.

South Wales

North and Mid-Wales

  • Aspects of the Cambrian Mountains Initiative reflect an ecosystems approach, including an ecosystem services public dialogue project.
  • The Pontbren project, demonstrating an integrated approach to managing ecosystem services in an upland catchemnt.
  • The Pumlumon project is a long-running demonstratration of the application of a payments for ecosystem services scheme.

Marine areas