The Network runs a popular series of webinars to share good practice, new tools and resources developed around the UK. They are generally held on the last Thursday of each month at 1 pm. See our listing of previous webinars, with links to recordings.

Here are the next webinars:

Trialling approaches to the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Wales

Thursday, 27 April 2017, 1 pm British Summer Time (GMT+1)

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In 2014, Natural Resources Wales initiated trials in three localities in Wales to test and develop new approaches for carrying out area-based natural resource management planning. The 3 trials are designed to test the practical application of Wales’ new legislation, the Environment Act (Wales, 2016). They were focused on engagement with local organisations and communities to understand how the natural environment can be managed to support wellbeing and prosperity. This webinar will involve a presentation from Jerry Griffiths of the key elements of the Tawe trial (encompassing Swansea). This includes activities that sought to communicate how the environment benefited people, as well as how land and coastline could be managed together. We will also hear summaries of the valuable lessons learned from the trials in the Rhonda and Dyfi. Join this webinar to learn about how the ecosystem approach can be applied locally. Webinar presented by Jerry Griffiths and Patrick Green from Natural Resources Wales.

Integrated environmental management: fulfilling the UK's international obligations

Thursday, 29th June 2017, 1 pm British Summer Time (GMT+1)

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The UK is a party to the international Convention on Biological Diversity. In 1995, the ecosystem approach was adopted as the primary framework for implementation of the Convention. Jurisdictions within the UK have responded to the existence of the ecosystem approach in varying ways. What do these responses say about the approaches to, and aspirations for, programmes of integrated environmental management across the UK? This webinar addresses these and other related questions and seeks to understand how the ecosystem approach can survive and thrive in changing times.

The webinar will be presented by Nick Kirsop-Taylor, a Researcher at the University of Exeter's Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute.