October 2015

Childhood obesity: the role of nature and the outdoors

In partnership with the South Pennines Local Nature Partnership and the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, the Ecosystems Knowledge Network is organising a workshop on the role of access to the natural outdoors in tackling childhood obesity in West Yorkshire.  The event will take place on 25th November 2015 in Bradford. It is open to organisations within and beyond West Yorkshire. Among the speakers are Professor Harry Rutter, senior strategic advisor on obesity for Public Health England and senior clinical research fellow at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Response for Nature Reports

A group of 34 UK environmental charities has set out ten points that it believes should be the basis for government plans to restore the UK's natural environment. Separate reports are available for Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each highlights nature's vital role in society, Page 9 of the England report states "we need to value nature better, both intrinsically and monetarily, and take it into account across sectors".

Seminar on Tree-lined Routes & the Linear Forest

Tree-lined routes across the terrestrial ecosystem connect urban and rural landscapes, roads and rivers, canals and railways which, when considered together, make up the linear forest.

This seminar will look at the ecological, design, planning, engineering and economic potential of tree-lined routes.  It aims to set out a novel vision for tree-lined routes that demonstrates how this vital resource is delivered at a local, national and international level.