September 2015

Trees in the Townscape - urban tree guide

Trees in the Townscape - a guide for decision makers

This guide aims to provide decision makers with the principles they need to realise the potential of trees in the urban environment.  It was developed by the Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG), and highlights the benefits that trees provide in urban areas, such as climate proofing our neighbourhoods, supporting human health and environmental well-being, and helping provide conditions for economic growth. 

Edinburgh ecosystem services workshop

This workshop is being organised  by the Ecosystem Services Community for Scotland to discuss the priorities for ecosystem services from urban and peri-urban greenspaces among different Edinburgh stakeholders in the city. It will combine talks on the latest research into urban ecosystem services in Edinburgh and will give attendees a chance to provide your opinions on the benefits of greenspace in the city and direct research within the GREEN SURGE Edinburgh case study.