May 2015

Conference: connecting land, sea and society

The UK regional association of the International Association for Landscape Ecology is organising a conference on the emerging shift towards linking both sides of the coastal margin, and how this can help to restore habitat connectivity and protect coastal and marine systems from environmental degradation. It will take place in Edinburgh on 7th and 8th September 2015. The conference will explore the use of terrestrial, coastal and marine approaches to map seascape, measure spatial pattern and understand drivers of change.  

Report: the ecosystem approach and marine planning in England

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is required to use the ecosystem approach in undertaking marine planning for England and Wales. MMO has published a report describing a practical framework that demonstrates how it can improve the implementation of the principles of the ecosystem approach in marine planning in England. It is intended as resource for businesses as well as non-profit and public sector organisations interested in marine planning. The report was prepared by consultants eftec and ABPMer.

'Landscapes for Life' Conference

 The National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty is holding its annual 'Landscapes for Life' Conference in Winchester from 30th June to 2nd July. The aim is to discuss how collaborative working between people and organisations who care about the UK’s Protected Landscapes can ensure that Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks are well managed and safeguarded for future generations. There are talks and seminars on the value and relevance of protected landscapes to different areas of interest, including local authorities and the tourism industry.

Payments for ecosystem services workshop: report available

A report on the workshop on payments for ecosystem services, run in partnership between the Ecosystems Knowledge Network and the James Hutton Institute is now available. Payments for ecosystem services (PES) schemes link the beneficiaries, or 'users', of nature's services with the stewards, or 'providers', of those services in order to protect or enhance them.

To download the report, see This page also contains links to the Network's resources on payments for ecosystem services.

Northern Ireland land use assessment

A report produced by the James Hutton Institute in collaboration with Northern Ireland's Land Matters Task Force reviews the contributions that land makes to the economy and society in Northern Ireland, highlighting the importance of good land management in progress towards of sustainable development.  It points towards the potential value of a Land Use Strategy for Northern Ireland.

Succinct introduction to UK National Ecosystem Assessment

The Institution of Environmental Sciences has made its December issue of Environmental Scientist open access.  It summarises the scope and outcomes of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment and the subsequent Follow-on report.  The magazine-style articles, which are written by a selection of authors of the UK NEA, distill much of the technical detail in the main reports published in 2011 and 2014.


Network event: Contributing to local health priorities

In association with the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, and Natural Cambridgeshire, the Ecosystems Knowledge Network is organising a workshop to help bring about more partnerships that lead to the natural outdoors making a greater contribution to local health priorities across the East of England. 

For further information, see the flyer available at