December 2014

Note on securing benefits from wetlands

The Living with Environmental Change Programme has published a note that summarises the benefits that wetlands provide, and pin points the challenges underlying more action to secure these benefits. It considers wetlands as part of a wider system of interactions between land and water. This systems view of nature is an important part of the ecosystem approach. Wetlands have a major role to play throughout the UK in managing the flow of water and improving its quality. The note highlights the role of land owners and the Water Companies in making the most of what wetlands do for people.

Webinar on the benefits of trees in towns

On 30th January 2015, Prof Roland Ennos from the University of Hull will deliver 1 hour seminar on the physical benefits of trees in towns. This event is part of Forest Research's Forest Science Seminar series and is aimed at people with both practical and academic interests. The talk will give an insight into the experimental work already undertaken quantifying the physical importance of trees and the need for future research.

Public health and outdoor recreation conference

The Outdoor Recreation Network is holding a two-day conference on Public health and outdoor recreation on 10th and 11th March 2015 in Newport, Wales. The event will bring together the outdoor recreation and public health communities to explore the medical benefits of getting outdoors. It will consider how outdoor recreation as a health intervention can move from good practice and successful pilots into the mainstream. The conference is being developed with support from Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, together with National Parks Wales and the Welsh Government.

City Council leads by joining natural capital forum

City of Edinburgh Council has become the first local authority to join the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital.  The Scottish Forum was launched last year to bring together public, private and charitable organsiations to protect and enhance Scotland’s 'natural capital'. Natural capital is a term used increasingly to describe the configuration of natural features and processes that supports people's wellfare. 

Last year, City of Edinburgh Council commissioned a 'Trees in the City' survey to get a greater understanding of the value woodlands have in Edinburgh.