November 2014

Ecosystem service maps: assessing needs in Scotland

EcoServ-GIS is a toolkit (computer software) developed by Durham Wildlife Trust to identify and map the multiple benefits that the natural environment provides for people.  The maps it produces show where capacity to produce specific services and the need for these services coincide ('benefitting areas') and where they do not ('gaps'). An explanation of EcoServ-GIS is availabe on the Network website.

Welsh nature recovery conference - presentations available

Presentations and notes from the Welsh Biodiversity Partnership conference in September 2014, entitled 'Nature Recovery Planning in Wales - implementation approach to 2020' are now available. Various themes reflected in the ecosystem approach are found in the presentations, such as buidling resilience and developing local partnerships. The Ecosystems Knowledge Network ran a workshop on nature recovery and the ecosystem approach at the event.

Your views: natural capital and urban areas

The concept of natural capital is increasingly popular term for talking about the ways in which features in the natural environment work together to deliver ecosystem services (the things that nature does for people). The applicability of the concept to the strategic design and management of urban areas is the subject of a session at the Natural Capital Initiative's Summit on 7th November, with Network members Prof Jim Harris (Cranfield University) and Nick Grayson (Birmingham City Council) speaking.