October 2014

Review of payments for ecosystem service pilots

Defra's review of the first and second rounds of its payments for ecosystem service pilot projects across England has just been published. The report highlights the successes and challenges of the 11 pilots that have taken place between 2011 and 2013. It shows how the pilots have delivered a preliminary proof of concept for PES, as well as a number of individual successes.

Devon project shows ecosystem approach in action

A short film released this month by the Northern Devon Nature Improvement Area shows how the initiative is working with local farmers in a river catchment. In so doing, the film identifies how several aspects of the ecosystem approach can be put into practice. This includes how local knowledge can be used to best effect, the benefits of a broad partnership to deliver change and the wider benefits (such as flood risk reduction) that come from changes to land management practices.

Natural Solutions to Tackling Health Inequalities report

Yesterday, University College London's Institute of Health Equity published a report entitled Natural solutions for tackling health inequalities. The report, which contains a forward from the Chief Executive Designate of Public Health England, contains the following: