Natural England report on engagement with the environment published June 2017

Natural England’s ongoing Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment (MENE) survey provides data on people’s use and enjoyment of the natural environment. The survey has been running continuously since 2009 and every week conducts at least 800 interviews with a representative sample of adults in England.

A report published in June 2017 using data from the MENE survey reveals that the relationship between people's experiences in the natural environment and their attitudes and behavious is complex. Analysis of data from 142,000 interviews conducted between March 2009 and February 2012 found that just 11% of adults in England take over half (53%) of visits to the natural environment. Conversely, 46% of adults take only 6% of all visits.

Interestingly, concern for the environment was only weakly linked to frequency of visits.  The report found a relatively stronger (though still relatively weak) correlation between visit frequency and personal relevance of natural environments to people’s everyday lives, including the personal benefits reported from visits (such as enjoyment and relaxation) and the importance of the natural environment to people’s everyday life.

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