Natural capital "How to do it" workbook

The Natural Capital Committee for England has published a draft (version 1) workbook for natural capital assessment, along with a paper that sets out principles for selecting approaches to valuation of changes in the state of natural capital.

"This practical guide is aimed at anyone who wants to use natural capital approaches in making decisions about the natural environment. It is intended to support decision makers, including planners, communities and landowners, but has particular relevance for place based decisions."

The Ecosystems Knowledge Network is an independent forum bringing together over 2,000 professionals across the UK. We share learning about the practical management of the environment as an asset with benefits for everone. We bring together many different professions, disciplines and sectors, including those outside the traditional 'environment' sector.

We look forward to playing a central part in sharing of experiences with the natural capital assessment and accounting outlined in the new workbook. The Network will help put what the Natural Capital Committee and others are now refering to as a "natural capital approach" in the context of the people-centred ecosystem approach principles that have been used and promoted by government and others throughout the UK.