Communicate 2016: Swapping Spectacles

Communicate 2016: Swapping Spectacles

2-3rd November, Bristol Zoo Gardens, Bristol

This year's Communicate conference theme is 'Swapping Spectacles', two days of inspiring content, interactive workshops and discussion, providing a networking opportunity for environmental communicators.

The theme:

We each see the world through our own lens, pieced together from a unique set of experiences, influences and presuppositions. For those of us working in the environmental sector, surrounding ourselves with like-minded lens wearers, the destructive forces facing the natural world stand out and dominate our view from our own particular angle. But what do these issues look like through a different eyepiece? Maybe it’s time we swap spectacles and take a peek at what other people are seeing and understanding when they look at our stories through altogether different frames. With this insight we can craft more effective interventions for nature.

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