Irish Forum on Natural Capital 'Making Nature Count' conference

'Making Nature Count' brings together scientists, economists, NGOs, accountants, policymakers and businesses to look at the natural capital approach from a variety of perspectives and examine its potential to help us address the environmental and social challenges we face. 

Natural Capital is defined as the planet's stocks of water, air, minerals and living things, which deliver ecosystem services that we depend on. These services are seen as 'free', so we don't value them in the same way we value things we have to pay for. Today, many of the most important ecosystem services our growing global population needs are being compromised and some are showing signs of failure. Why? Part of the reason is that the laws of economics were laid down before we understood the laws of ecology: you can't have infinite growth on a finite planet. Can we retrofit capitalism for a sustainable society? Can we reflect the true value of the natural world in political and economic decision making? Can we make nature count?


Join the Irish Forum on Natural Capital on Tuesday 4th October at the National Concert Hall (Dublin) and explore answers to these questions, with speakers including: 

  • Tony Juniper (former Director of Friends of the Earth, author and campaigner)
  • Gary Gillespie (Chief Economic Adviser to the Scottish Government) 
  • Kathy Willis (Professor of Biodiversity at Oxford, Director of Science at Kew and member of the UK's Natural Capital Committee)
  • Ambassador David Donoghue (Ireland's permanent Ambassador to the UN and Co-Chair of the Sustainable Development Goals - video address)
  • Plus: Sessions on the Natural Capital Protocol for Business, the research being done by Irish scientists, and case studies from other countries including Belgium, the Netherlands and Scotland
  • Free fringe events - webinars, academic discussions and a public lecture at Trinity College Dublin


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