• Ecosystems News

    Read issue 8 of Ecosystems News, the Network's newsletter. Cover theme: resilience.

  • Action Stations! Making the most of the ecosystem approach

    UK National Ecosystem Assessment Follow-on Project reports now available.


  • What is an ecosystems approach?

    A concise description of an ecosystems approach and its development

  • An ecosystems approach in marine and coastal areas

    Links to projects and resources about an ecosystems approach in marine and coastal areas.

  • Green infrastructure resources

    Visit a listing of documents and other resources on green infrastructure

  • Tools and guidelines

    Tools and guidelines: practical resources to help with applying an ecosystems approach in the management of areas of land, coastline or marine habitat.



Welcome to the Ecosystems Knowledge Network, a resource for anyone wanting to share knowledge or learn about the practical benefits of the ecosystem approach to both people and nature. The ecosystem approach is a holistic and inclusive approach to looking after the natural environment. On this website, you will find resources that explain the ecosystem approach and show what it means in practice.